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Yoga Flow with Tori – (All Locations) Establish and maintain a solid yoga practice through meditation, proper alignment, breathing exercises, mind-body awareness, holding postures, and conscious, fluid movement.
UIF Yoga Odessa (2)


Makin’ Gains with Megan – (Odessa location only)  In class, we will work a targeted muscle group with strength training and finishing up with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)! The purpose of this class is for you to learn new exercises, have a friendly support group, and get your heart rate up to burn approximately 100-250 calories!
megan march may


H.I.I.T. & Density Training with Karen – (Odessa location only) *Refer to calendar under Odessa location for current class times*  Targeted weight training and high intensity interval training. Optional nutrition phases integrated with workouts. Great for men and women!

karen march


Mixin’ It Up with Megan – (Odessa Location Only) megan saturday


Dance2Fit with Stephanie – (Odessa and Lexington) Dance2Fit is a new dance fitness program that incorporates hip hop dance moves and fitness moves to today’s popular music! Come join the party and get fit by dancing! This class only has two rules: Absolutely no judgement towards others or yourself and HAVE FUN! Party yourself into shape!



Total Body Fitness with Nicole – (Lexington location)

Total Body Fitness with Nicole

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