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“No one ever drowned in sweat!”

Personal Training

Our personal trainers will help you overcome obstacles and maximize your fitness potential to get the results you’ve always wanted. We want to be sure you are comfortable working out in our facilities.  As well as make sure you are doing the proper workouts to achieve your desired results.


Your first session always includes a “fit evaluation” where the trainer will discuss your goals and limitations in order to make a customized workout program for you to follow.  All of our machines are clearly labeled, so when you get your customized workout, you will be able to follow through and know exactly what to do at each workout.  Because everyone is different, we are sure to give you a thorough fit evaluation to determine your exact needs.  From those results, we are able to create a routine specifically for you.

Our personal trainers offer motivation, accountability, and knowledge to help you structure an individualized fitness plan. Whether your fitness goals are to build strength, tone muscles, lose weight, recover from injury or boost your energy, UIFC will put you on the road to total fitness.

We have affordable options available and flexible times for those with busy schedules. For more information on personal training options, or to schedule sessions contact one of our staff members.